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The Yearn to Learn

My ‘big’ kids started school last week.
Carter in 1st grade.  (How does that all-of-a-sudden seem so grown-up?)
And Lydia in Kindergarten.  (She has the same teacher he had last year.)

I didn’t cry when they started.
I didn’t even tear up.
They were so excited.
(And I was so excited!)

But today as I pulled away, the tears finally found me.
But not for the same reasons of other firsts…
Not because I’m lamenting time passing,
Or because I miss them while they’re gone,
But because I was so completely overwhelmed in gratitude.

This morning on the way to school I heard them talking about the sun.
(They know so much; much more than I think I knew at their age.)
Carter told the others about the sun being made of fire and hydrogen.
And we talked about elements and the periodic table
And how hydrogen and carbon and oxogen link up and hold hands to make brand new things.
How elements are all different – like you and you and me and Daddy and Asa and Alden.
And they link up (just like we do when we cross the street) and then they make a brand new thing, a family.
“Mama!  We are just like elements!”

Yes, my loves, you are.
You are just like elements.
You are the building blocks of all that matters to me.

And we pulled up to school.
And they clamored out of the van.
And they linked up.
And ran into the school.

My little elements.
Thirsting for knowledge
And soaking up every.single.thing.

And I cried because I am grateful for them, their excitement for learning.
And I cried because I hope, I pray that I am teaching them well.