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I didn’t know I needed it.

As school started here for most kids, Lydia and I were boarding a train headed for Alabama.
My friend Kimberly picked us up in a teeny tiny little train station and carted us back to her house in Mississippi.
Though we love Kimberly and really wanted to see her, ultimately we went to see her new baby boy.

I mean seriously…just look at all the cute.

I’ve said before how much I love watching my friends love their little baby.
I love watching the transformation from woman to mother.
I love watching love grow and lives change.

Is there anything more lovely than a mother and child?

We did absolutely nothing while we visited.
Well, not really.
We ate frozen yogurt.
And we did a lot of baby holding.
I mean a lot.
(And loved every minute of it).

We also laughed.
And giggled.
And smiled so hard that it hurt.
And maybe there were a few tears.
But happy ones.

We didn’t set alarms.
Or have an agenda for our days.

We read books.
Watched Full House.
Played games.

New life renewed my spirit.
Old friendships stirred my heart.
One-on-one time with my girl opened my eyes.
Without the chaos of siblings, I saw her – just her.
And it was good.
Very, very good.