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Soak Up Summer

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I’m not here right now because we are soaking up every ounce of summer.
I have some really exciting things planned in next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

Spray Paint, Deer Blood, and WD-40

I haven’t written here much in the past few weeks. I’ve been posting less pictures and less updates in all the other usual places, too. And it’s not that I have nothing to share, but by the time the moment has come and gone, it feels too…too something…and I just tuck them away in my heart’s pocket and move on. I’m always toeing the line between savoring and saving.

We’ve stayed busy and done lots of things, but when I think back I can’t really tell you what we’ve done. Our days are a blur of bible verses and Christian crafts. (God bless Vacation Bible School). And I am worn slap out. I think the children are, too. But it’s a good tired. It’s a sleep-so-hard-that-you-don’t-even-move-a-muscle-all-night kind of tired.

I’m in charge of crafts for VBS. That kind of thing is fun to me, so I’m having fun. One of the crafts required me spray painting a stack of foam sheets with black spray paint. I finished it all up late Sunday night and set the spray paint cans to the side. I thought I might need to touch up a few things before it was all said and done so I left them there. (You see the foreshadowing here? If not, you should.)

The next day the bigs had gone to a different VBS with a friend and the littles were supposed to be watching TV while I got cleaned up and ready to go. When I came out of the bathroom, I discovered the backdoor cracked open and the littles hanging out in the garage. My 4yo now knows how to unlock the very top lock and open doorknobs with kid-proof covers, I found out. He’d let them out and they were experimenting with the spray paint. I found a few spots on the ground and one on the gutter drain and a little on his hands. I figured it just came from some residue from the nozzle. We moved the cans and washed hands and talked about why you shouldn’t just wander out of the house. And by talk I mean I nearly blew a gasket.

Our day progressed and we made it to the VBS at our church and some friends asked what had happened to my van. That’s when I discovered why his hands were so covered in paint. He’d spray painted my car and then tried to wipe it off. BAH! My initial reaction wasn’t so great, but I ultimately decided that it’s just stuff. And he’s a kid. And stuff happens.
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The more I told the story about the spray paint, the less painful it became and then eventually I just gave up and laughed about it. It is funny when you think about it. So by the time we were headed back home, I was in a good mood and we were all having a great evening.

That’s when a deer lunged at my car. I saw it coming and jerked my wheel to the side and then back again so that I wouldn’t hit the oncoming car. When I swerved, I moved with the deer, so we managed to not even get a little dent! I saw the oncoming car hit it again and I tried to turn around to check on them. While I was doing that, I almost ran over a kitten. Good heavens, I just wanted to get home! The other car was fine. The deer? Not so much. I’m so grateful that we are safe, and this is one of those times when I really feel like I had a little supernatural help to keep us from harm.

When we got home, I found myself wiping deer blood off the side of my car and then scrubbing paint off with WD-40. With that and a little elbow grease, it comes right off without dulling the paint!

Today was just as busy but a lot less exciting. I’m good with that.
Also? We caught fireflies tonight. Gosh, I love those little glowing beauties!

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Brothers and Braves and Beautiful Days

The boys and I got sunburned yesterday. We went to a Braves game and the sunscreen got left in the car and we just baked. I’m usually really good about it and so I feel really bad about it. Also? The baby doesn’t understand the concept of sunburn (see also: I’m usually really good about sunscreen) so she keeps trying to kiss it and make it better. Ouch! But seriously it was such a great day that I almost don’t even mind the sunburn. (Almost).

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We finished school less than a month ago but it seems like it’s been ages. Summer is now in full swing. Lydia is doing a camp this week and it’s weird without her here. It’s good for her. She’s having a great time, but I always feel off when one of my little ducks is away.

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So far we’ve been lazy and busy. I’m not really sure how that’s possible but we’ve spent plenty of down time with friends and just having good old-fashion fun, but we’ve also picked strawberries and made syrup and run in the rain (it’s rained a lot!) and learned to cook (them, not me) and had special tooth fairy deliveries and gone through the car wash and gone to a sleepover. We’ve played baseball and board games and painted and been swimming and laughed a lot and watched a few movies here and there.
And we’ve read. And read. And read.

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It’s been a good summer so far. I’ve tried to balance giving them things to do and giving them time to be bored. I’m a big believer in the idea that boredom leads to creativity. But I still feel like we’ve been on the go-go-go.

Yesterday was probably my favorite thing we’ve done so far. Through our school, the Georgia Cyber Academy, we had a chance to go to the Braves game and walk in the pre-game parade. That means we got to walk on the field! The actual field! The game was fun. It was almost a shutout for the pitcher, but the coolest thing was still standing on the field. 

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We still have a lot of things to check off of our summer bucket list, but there’s plenty of time. We’re headed now to go bowling…if my burned little legs will let me!

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Do you have a summer bucket list? What are you hoping to do?