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Soak Up Summer

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I’m not here right now because we are soaking up every ounce of summer.
I have some really exciting things planned in next few weeks, so keep an eye out!

A Pop of Color

Yesterday was a full, full day. The little two stayed with my dad while the bigs and I went on a field trip for three.  We started out by taking the van to the Honda place for an oil change. That wasn’t technically part of the field trip but it did teach about scheduling because man today could not have run any smoother if I’d tried. That makes my little planner’s heart so happy! We went to Mellow Mushroom for a tour and tips – not monetary tips, but tips on how to run a restaurant and make pizza. We played on the playground, and we took another tour…Kroger this time. (I have something interesting to share about that. Remind me to tell you later if I forget!)

BUT this post? This post is about the thing that Lydia loved most about the Kroger tour: flowers. I love fresh flowers, but rarely buy them. She wanted them and even offered to use her own money, so I caved. (She probably planned that, didn’t she? I’m such a sucker!) And maybe it wasn’t all for her. In all of my redefining, I’ve decided I need to do more to help keep myself me. I need to do things that I love and that make me happy. Because the old adage is true: If Momma ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy. So flowers for her, flowers for me. And then I can further “myselfness” by taking time to photograph those beautiful blooms. Here are a few of my favorite shots.






Picture Perfect

Last week we tried to do Christmas pictures.
It ended like this:

I almost deleted every single one of the pictures I took that night and decided not to.
One day I’ll laugh at how crazy it all was.
(Heck, I already laugh about it.)

So I kept my eye out for a day when everyone was in good form (which is pretty rare around here).
Yesterday morning we were all laughing and giggling and having fun and I thought, “This is it! Go! NOW!”
I promised a picnic and ice cream if they’d take pictures.
(I am not above bribery.)
And so we did.
And they did great.

Oh, I also promised they would get to take pictures, too!
And although I love the pictures I got of all of them, my absolute favorites are these I snapped on the way back to the car.

Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.   ~Robert Brault


And SNAP the job’s a game*

I love that moment when this:

Becomes this:

*If you aren’t singing “A Spoonful of Sugar” right now, I’m not sure if we can still be friends.


There is so much goodness, so many rich, full moments that I can’t keep up.
Life swirls around beautifully and I settle happily into the blur.

The woosh of our days drowns out the static of the world with static of its own.
And wrap myself in the warmth of knowing that I am here in this moment, taking it all in.

Life is spinning quickly, with plans to spin faster and faster.
But now, unlike so many times before, I’m doing more than just barely hanging on.

Want to know more about how to make photographs like these? Click here to see my post on the One2One Network blog.


Branching Out

Photographic Memory

So many of my memories are tied to the photos I hold in my hand, hang on my wall, see on my screen.
I scroll through image after image and re-ride the roller coaster of my life.
I have thousands of images categorized and cataloged chronologically.
Sometimes I wonder what will happen to them all when I am gone.

I don’t print enough of them.
If I did, I tell myself, that’d be just another thing to store, to organize, to save.
And I can’t pick my favorites and print just those.
When I’m in Mommy-mode, they’re all my favorites.
But when I’m in photographer mode, I find flaws in each one.
Not of the subjects, but the lighting or the angle or the color.
I should have seen this.
I should have changed that.
I should have shot that from above.
I should have, I should have…

Taken with iPhone4S.
Edited with Magic Hour app.

The past few months I’ve favored my phone to my camera.
I love that it is always with me.
I love that it is easy to use.
I love that I can edit quickly and share with others.
I told myself that I was trying to be more in the moment.
I was trying to live it instead of capture it.
And sometimes I was glad I did,
But there are also times when I wish I’d taken ‘real’ pictures.

Take with Canon 40D.
Edited in Lightroom 4.

I scan through our lives and see our life beautiful, but grainy.
Each shot brings back the moment, the emotion…and yet, it seems insufficient.
And I worry that maybe I should have made more effort, maybe I should have tried harder.

But in the end, my pictures are for me and for them, and will we look back and care that the lines are a little blurry?
Or that we don’t see the catch light in our eyes?
Or that you can’t blow it up to colossal sizes?
Or will we just be grateful that time allowed us to stop it, if ever so briefly, and savor it for a lifetime?

Taken with iPhone4S.
Edited with Magic Hour app.

I want to capture everyday.
I want to capture everything and nothing.
And although I love the sharp lines and brilliant colors,
I don’t think it really matters how I do that, but that I do it.


If you don’t give a little, you’ll pop.

Good night, my angel…

She fell asleep with her hand on my head.
Her rhythmic breaths make my eye lids droop.

Eyes closed, I see her dreams from the outside in.
She smiles and I am grateful that they are sweet.

I don’t want to go to sleep because sleep signals the day’s end.
And days like this should never end.

Sn(app) Happy

I have published (in one way or another) over 1500 pictures from my phone since early 2011.
I’ve probably taken 5 times that.  (Here are some of my favorites!)
When I first fell in love with phone photography, I had a Droid and major iPhone app envy.
Mostly, I.wanted.Instagram.*
The first day I was eligible, I high-tailed it to the  store to get my brand-new iPhone.
The very first app I uploaded was Instagram and it was love at first sight.

Almost every image that I post has been processed in one way or another.
I will occasionally use the Instagram filters, but often I want a more specific look from my pictures.
Luckily, there are tons of great (and usually easy) ways to do that!

In this eBook by Alli Worthington, you will find a wide variety of information about apps and ideas and how-tos.
(I talk about my go-to app, Magic Hour, in chapter 3, and my pictures are scattered all throughout the book!)

But the best part? It’s only $5!

Want to make your pictures pop?  Want to turn good photos into great ones?  Just want to know which apps are for you?
This book is great for newbies and established (iPhone) photographers.
She touches on basic photography guidelines, but also shares tips you won’t see anywhere else online.

Oh!  And one more thing!  (Or maybe two more things.) (Ok, maybe three.)
1. I am a featured photographer in this book!  How cool is that?

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*Instagram is now available for iPhone as well as for Droid (via Google Play).