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Let's do lunch. **Premium Picnik Giveaway**

How about a Picnik?

I am really picky about catchy little names that are misspelled on purpose.  Kountry Kitchen. Disaster Kleenup.  Krafty Kathy’s Scrapbook Shoppe.  And seriously, why would you purposly lead kids astray by misspelling the word Preskool??  (And why is there a “k” theme?)

Given my dislike for all stoopid spellingz*, you can see why I didn’t rush to check out this Picnik thing when I first heard about it.  I’ve been putting it off for a while now, but I could only hear about it so many times before I had to go check it out.  And you want to know what happened?  Ah feld in lurv.

There are so many things you can do on this thing!
You can add words to an already awesome picture:

You can make these cute and easy little Fancy Collages that have backgrounds already prepared for you:


And you can make simple Collage from templates provided:

The Many Faces of Tucker

And, ooh-la-la, you can make pictures look all dreeeeeeeeamy:


Those are things that you can “make”, but you can also do simple editing(crop, fix red-eye, etc.) and create masterpieces with the different effects provided.  Below I have made a slide show sampling some of the effects offered.  The first picture is the original photo I took of the flowers that Marshall brought home for me on our anniversary. (Thanks, Marsh!)  After that one you’ll see variations of the same picture.  I only used one effect per picture, but you could easily use more than one!

[slideshow id=936748722515507168&w=426&h=320]

So now that you’ve witnessed the amazingness that is Picnik, I’m going to offer you a chance to win a one year subscription.  Anyone can sign up for a free account that offers limited access.  But with a subscription to Picnik Premium, you have access to all of the effects, templates, fonts, collages and other options.

Want to win??
This time it’s a little different.
Everything a giveaway probably should not be: unrandom and biased.
Go to Picnik, and use the free(non-premium) editing tools and effects on one of your pictures to create a masterpiece.
Then email your creation to me at queenofhaddock(at)gmail(dot)com
(You obviously have to use @ and . instead of the words,
but I get more spam if I type it like normal.)
I will pick my favorite photo, and that person will get an e-gift card for the one year subscription!!

This giveaway starts at 12:01am EST on Saturday, June 6th and go until 11:59pm EST on Monday, June 8th.

*There is one reason to enjoy misspelled words. They get away with it because it is really funny.  Comedy will get you a long way in my world.

Easy Personalized Clock

I orginally planned on showing how to make a Photo Clock like you can order from Snapfish and Walmart and Walgreens for about $20, but I didn’t have a photo on hand.   So…I decided that the kids could draw a picture instead!  🙂  The whole project took about an hour from beginning to end, but that did include the 20 minutes or so my kids took coloring.

So…you only need a few things: pen, scissors, a large(12×12) sheet of paper, a large photo(based on the size of your clock, you may need an 8×10 or 11×14), a tiny screw driver, and a clock.  I grabbed a cheap $4 wall clock from Walgreens today(like the one shown below), but you could use any one that has screws on the back…some of the really cheap ones are glued together.


I’m going to give you a ton of pictures and a ton of directions…it’s really idiot-proof though.  I’m just trying to be really specific.

To start, unscrew all the little screws on the back in order to take the glass front off.  Be sure to set the face of the clock on something semi-soft so that it won’t get scratched.


Next is probably the hardest part:  You’ll have to take off the second, minute and hour hands.  For most clocks, you just have to pull on the second hand and pop it off.  Once you get it off, it’s really easy to get the other two.  When you’re pulling, you may think that you’re going to break it…you won’t…probably.  If you do break it, you’ve only lost four bucks!


Once you get all the hands off, it will look like this:


Next you’ll want to turn the clock over and carefully trace the edge of the clock on your 12×12 paper.  I say be careful because you’ll have the little center part sticking out.  If you break it, you’ve broken the clock.  So don’t break it!


Once you have it traced out, you will cut out the circle.  Remember that you’ll also want to trim a little bit off from what you traced because the inside of the clock is smaller than the outside.  It’s always better to make it too big than too small though…you can keep trimming it until it fits perfectly.

Once it’s all cut out and looks like it’s going to fit, you’ll turn the clock back over.  Center the circle over the clock and gently push down on the center post.  You probably won’t be able to push hard enough to puncture the paper without breaking the post.  So just make an indentation that you can punch out later.


I then used my little screwdriver I had on hand to make a hole where the indendation was, and make it all smooth.


Now you’re to the fun part!  Since I didn’t have a picture, I let the kids color on the white circle I had cut out.  If you were using a photo, you would take the circle and use it as a template for cutting your photo into a circle.  But remember to take note of where the clock hands will be once you place your picture in the clock.  You probably don’t want the hour hand sprouting out of Uncle Bob’s nose, or even worse…someone’s crotch!  (Or maybe you do…because really, that’s funny!) 


You’re getting close now!  Take your photo or artwork and glue or tape it onto the clock face.  I like to use double sided tape, but you could use whatever you have available.


Then you’ll need to put the hands back on(usually in the hour, minute, second order).  Make sure that they are all flat.  If they got bent when you were trying to get them off, they won’t run smoothly.  But you can easily straighten them back out.


Now just screw the clock back together…


And you’re done!  Congrats!


This will be a super fun gift to give my Papa.  I’m always trying to find something my kids can make for him, but that he can actually use, too.  I still plan on making a photo one for myself.  Once I do it, I’ll post that picture, too, so that you can see what it looks like!

I barely made the deadline for Nov 6th, but I’m still hanging in there!  You promise to keep on reading, and I’ll promise to keep on posting!