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Tell me this isn't cool?

These artists are amazing!  They do 3D art work on the sidewalk…it looks so realistic, doesn’t it?

I looks like someone has taken out a chunk of side walk and moved it, but really it’s just chalk!!

Look at the guy standing “on top” of the world.

This is what it the same picture looks like from the side view.

Want to see more?  Click here.

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

But I promise that the reason my kids are screaming and the reason I am screaming are not the same!  They’re excited about the ice cream(really, do you ever out-grow that?).  I’m screaming, “Be careful!  Don’t drip, don’t drip, dontdripdontdripDONTDRI…oh, well…so much for not dripping!”

But today I have found the perfect solution:  Dripstiks.  (Most of you know how much I dislike companies who misspell their name on purpose, but if the product is good enough, I can forgive that minor slip in judgement!)  A Dripstik is a plastic ice cream cone/popsicle holder.  On one end you can put a popsicle stick, the other side accomodates various size ice cream cones.  But either way you use it, it holds in all the drippies!  And it gives the kids a great, big holder to hold onto.  Since I can tell I’m not discribing this very well, take a look at this picture to help you figure it out:

Anyway, when I bought these yesterday, I still had my doubts.  So…we decided to stick to the popsicles-while-wearing-only-diapers rule.  (Hence the semi-naked pictures.)  But, much to my surprize, they worked wonderfully.  Here are a few pictures of my little dipsticks with their dripstiks!