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No baby yet…

But I do have something I promised you all back in November.  Remember when I told you that my brother had written a song for my kids, and then we sang it at this little get-together at my grandparents?  Anyway…I couldn’t transfer the footage from my camera to my computer because I needed a specific type of connecting wire(remember the “why is it $8 at Walmart at $30 everywhere else” debacle??).

Anyway, I finally ordered the wire from Wal-mart when I ordered Marshall’s birthday present(I hate to only order one thing…I feel like I’m wasting the shipping and handling fee when I do).  It came in yesterday and I was finally able to get that song off my camcorder!  Yay!

Now when I say not to expect much, I don’t mean the song.  I love the song.  And I think my brother is incredibly talented.  Who is not incredibly talented is me with a video camera.  I had it on a tripod across the room, so the view isn’t all that great.  And apparently I thought we were doing a hula dance while singing…not sure what that’s all about.  I’ll blame it on my spreading pregnancy hips.  PLUS…I kind of didn’t know that we were singing that song on that day, and it’d been a while since I’d sung it.  If you listen carefully, you’ll hear more than a few slips on my part.  Once again…it’s my fault, not his.

So…without further adieu:

Ten Things I Never Thought I'd Have To Say

When you have kids, you find yourself saying things you never really expected to have to say outloud.  Here’s a collection of just a few of the ones I’ve been known to utter recently.  And yes, they do almost all have to do with some sort of bodily fluid.  What can I say?  I have a 4 year old boy…

10.  If you don’t know what it is, please don’t put it in your mouth…or her mouth.

9.   How did you get up here, and why are your feet in the sink?

8.  Why yes, that is my philtrum.

7.  It’s not a “damn car”; it’s just a regular car. (In response to Tucker saying, “I don’t want to listen to that in this damn car”.) 

6.  Did you just pee in my bathtub?  There’s a potty right there!

5.  You must always put on underwear before you come to the table to eat.

4.  You cannot go outside naked!

3.   Please tell me that’s chocolate on the wall…

2.  Did you just pee in the bathtub?  There’s a potty right there!Did you just lick the toilet????

1.  Do NOT suck on the dog’s nipples ever again, ok?