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A Thousand Words Are Worth A Picture

My big kids are at school and my littlest is babbling quietly in his bed.  Ahhh…the joys of school!

But I have to admit that as I sat down at my computer, I was overwhelmed with the desire to look at our pictures from this summer.  I have said before that July was probably my least inspired month of photography.  It was hot and I didn’t feel good.  But I’m glad that I kept on clicking, but I did get a few pictures that I really, really love.  But one of the things that I didn’t capture was our picnic.

Remember yesterday when I said some of my favorite pictures were the mental ones?  Yeah…I realized that I should write some of those down.  I want to remember it all, but I know I won’t.  So now…I share with you my mental picture of our picnic:

The kids begged all summer for a picnic, but it was just SO BLASTED HOT that I couldn’t make myself sit outside.  So I pulled out one of my winter tricks: we spread out a blanket in the living room and had an indoor picnic while basking in the sunshine coming through the windows.  After our wraps and chips, we watched the clouds through the big arching window and nibbled on strawberry Milano cookies and drank pink lemonade.  Life is sweet!

(And just because all that led me to another mental picture, you get a bonus “picture”.)

Not long after that day, we went to the beach.  On our way to the villa, we stopped to grab a few groceries.  I let each kid pick out their own snack.  Lydia went in search of “the cookies in the paper bag”.   She didn’t even care what kind.  Carter took 10 minutes to choose from the huge Pepperidge Farm selection they had and settled on the basic sugar cookie.

Sometimes I get annoyed with him because he can take forever to make a decision.  But that night we weren’t in a rush and I let him take his time.  Watching him glance back and forth from this package to that, watching the wheels turn in his head…I want to remember that.  Forever.


Pepperidge Farms sent me free strawberry Milano cookies, which were delightful.  They filled my tummy, but not my brain.  The opinions you see above are completely my own unbiased opinions.