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12 Crafts of Christmas

Did you know that Christmas is only 12 weeks away?

I really hate when stores put out Christmas stuff when it’s still hot outside.
It really, really annoys me.
But at the same time, I’m notorious for starting my Christmas shopping(or crafting) in July.

I’m a little behind this year, though.
And in an effort to keep myself on track
(and keep to my budget),
I’m trying to do/make/buy a little bit at a time.

So for the next 12 Mondays I’ll be sharing with you twelve of my favorite crafts!
Some of them are ones I’ve already made and some are new for me.
I’ll be taking pictures along the way and I hope that you’ll have fun and be inspired to craft this Christmas.

I’ve planned gifts for grandmothers, grandfathers, moms and dads, kids, teens, teachers and friends.

Coming up first tomorrow is a fun and easy keepsake that grandparents are sure to love!