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Project 365 is complete!

Last October I started something called Project 365.  I’d tried to start it several times before and always made it a few days and then forgot.  But this time for an entire year I took a picture a day.  I didn’t say that I took a good picture a day, but I have to admit that as I go back and look at my pictures I can’t help but notice that my photography has gotten better.  I still have a lot to learn, but just looking at how far I’ve come in a year encourages me to try harder, learn more.

I love that some of the images I have are beautiful and unique, but I also love that some of the shots are of plain old, hum-drum pictures.  Clean bedrooms, dirty dishes, my floors, picture frames…every day ordinary stuff that will surely be forgotten with time.

Was Project 365 hard?  Sometimes.
Did it force me to think outside of the box? Sometimes.
Am I glad I did it?  For sure.
Will I do it again?  No doubt.

But I am going to take a break…and I’ll start back up on January 1, 2011.
(How did it get to be 2011 already???)

I wanted to pick my favorites to show here, but I’m having a hard time choosing.
So…I picked a few of my favorites!