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Wrapping My Head Around Homeschool

We are considering homeschool for next year.
Technically not homeschool, but school at home through the Georgia Cyber Academy.
I have a friend with children who have attended GCA for several years and they love it.
(She is actually now working for GCA.)
I have talked to several other homeschooling parents about the pros and cons, ups and downs.
I have prayed about it, written about it, thought about it, and talked about it until I’m blue in the face.
And I still just can’t decide.
There are so, so many pros.
There really are.
We are at a place where I really enjoy the children (and they still enjoy me).
We have fun together and there’s more laughing than crying.
We learn by doing every day things together.
And the bigs are actually really helpful with the littles.
We wouldn’t be at the mercy of the school calendar.
Nor the early, frustrating mornings.
We wouldn’t have to worry about missing X number of days.
So I’m not really sure what’s holding me back.
I know that we would make other homeschooling friends.
The socialization aspect doesn’t bother me at all.
I’m certain that we would find plenty of opportunities for that.
The work load doesn’t frighten me (although I know it will require quite an adjustment for us all).
The time commitment, the structure, the details are all things I know I can do.
But something – some little thing – is making me flinch.
Is it just that I’m a rule follower and this is a little unconventional?
Is it that when I mention it, people look at me like I’ve gone mad?
What harm is there in at least trying it?
If we hate it, we go back to brick and mortar, right?
But what if we don’t try it and I always wonder?
Or should we wait?  How long?
I love our elementary school, but middle school?
Meh.  Not so much.
I want to.
I do.
But then I worry.
And I’m right back where I began.
I just can’t slow my thoughts down long enough to wrap my head around it all.