Daily Archives: 2:12 pm

Right Now

I couldn’t sleep last night after we got home from hearing my brother’s band play. Good music always invigorates me. (So does Diet Coke.)

I read for a while, did my bible study, and prayed. I’m not sure how long. It was an ohm kinda prayer. More of a meditation than a prayer, but my heart feels better and my mind a little clearer.

After that I played Cut The Rope. It seems like a mindless game, but you really have to think. And so I did until my eyes got tired and convinced my brain it was time to shut down. That was nearly 4:30 – late even for me.

A few minutes (or maybe it was hours) later, I felt Asa clamber over me and settle down in the small of my back. I barely noticed, really. And then it was 10:15. Just like that. Marshall knew I was tired and so he fed the small people and kept them (relatively) quiet while I slept. He’s good people, that one.

The older children bickered off and on all morning, and after lunch everyone went to a quiet space. The Littles are sleeping. The Bigs are reading chapter books. (And that makes my heart smile.)

I was thiiiiiiis close to beating Marshall in Words With Friends, but he used the spot I was aiming for and now I am stuck. So I write, hoping words will begat words. (So far, no luck.)

I suppose I could (I should?) either nap or do something productive, but Marshall has fallen asleep beside me and I like just being near him. And the dogs are snoring and the baby occasionally sighs in her sleep and to move from this moment would make it lose its magic. So I just sit here, content and grateful and blithe.

(I want to remember this forever.)