Daily Archives: 4:51 pm

Things That Make Me Smile

  • Having a water gun fight with my family, my Nana included
    (You gotta watch her; she’s vicious!)
  • Blackberry cobbler made with fresh, hand-picked berries
  • Using my Mama Jo’s recipe for said cobbler
  • Baby-wearing daddies who go on nature/photo walks
  • Holding little babies that aren’t mine (and I can give back when they cry)
  • Holding not-so-little babies that are mine, even when (especially when?) they cry
  • Sunlight shining on spider webs
  • Catching lightning bugs with the kidlets
  • Realizing we’ve checked off half of the things on our Summer Bucket List
  • Homemade Pudding Pops and silly kids who eat them
  • The things my kids say
  • Realizing what once seemed bad was actually good
  • Outfits with matching hairbows
  •  Angry Birds bandaids
  • Hearing “eye…oooo” and knowing it means “I love you”
  • Elbow dimples (on her, not me)