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Summer S’mores

One of the things on our Summer To Do list was make s’mores.

It is waaaaay to hot to be starting a fire and using the microwave is just so boooooring.
So we decided to try it a new way.
Cover the inside of a big bowl with tin foil.
Then put another ball of foil in the center.
Insert toothpicks into the center ball and add marshmallows.
Cover with plastic wrap and sit it out in the sun.


While the sun is doing it’s magic, place chocolate onto crackers and let it get good and smooooshy.

In about 15-20 minutes (depending on the heat), the marshmallows will be warm enough to squish between the crackers.

Just make sure you have lots and lots of wet wipes!



And that you are prepared for the we-don’t-have-any-more drama.