Daily Archives: 8:36 am

Heart Words

Where is that line?
The line between okay and not.
I feel like we aren’t tip-toeing near it, but dancing on top of it.
Taunting it.  Daring it.  Deriding it.

I try to think more, say less.
I try to be more, do less.
(But oh, that is so hard for me!)

My heart aches with words that my mind doesn’t know.
I try to translate, but I get tongue tied.
And even when there are words, I’m afraid to speak them –
The ‘what-ifs’ a muzzle on my soul, my heart.

I never asked for this, never wanted this, never expected this.
But here it is, and I don’t really know what to do.
I don’t know how to respond because either way I chance being hurt.
Or (maybe even worse) hurting others.

If we’ve all been here before
(and, I assure you, we all have)
then why do I still feel so alone?