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In the Shadows of a Boy I See a Man

In the shadows of a boy, I see a man.
Courage, compassion, intellectual voracity already shine bright
But in the deep, hidden parts there is more.
There is a strength not yet discovered.
There is faith not yet figured.
There are grand ideas not yet imagined.
There is so much to be, so much possibility.
And there are so many things I want to tell him.
(For now, and for then).

You are stronger than you think.
The trick is in knowing when to push on and when to let go.

Even when you aren’t sure what you believe,
love God and serve others.
Faith will follow.

Make friends with people who are like you.
And also with people who are drastically different.
Enjoy diversity.

Believe that you can do it.
And then just do it.
(Whatever ‘it’ may be).

It is not always easy to be honest.
But say what you mean and mean what you say.

Remember the power of words.
A simple syllable can change the world.
“Yes” can affirm, encourage, inspire.
“No” can be a catapult for great change.
It won’t be easy, but look for the good hiding in every answer.

Be kind.
Be loyal.
Be gentle.

Be giving and forgiving.
Friendly and fair.

Be honorable.
Be determined.
Be sensible.

Be hopeful and helpful.
Happy and healthy.

Be generous.
Be grateful.
Be joyful.

Be all of those things.
(But mostly just be you).