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That's NOT an answer!

This conversation is heard very, very often in our household.  It doesn’t matter which parent or which one of our “big” kids you plug in below.

Parent: Why did you (insert wrongdoing of choice here)?

Child: Because I shouldn’t.

Parent: I know you shouldn’t, but why did you (offense of choice)?

Child: Because I won’t do it again.

Parent:  Okay.  That’s great.  But why did you do it this time?

Child:  Because…because…because I can’t.

Parent:  You can’t what?

Child: I can’t do it again.

End scene with frustrated parent and bewildered-looking child.

Can someone please explain this to me??

Ok…I still haven’t gotten the wire I need to download the stuff from my video camera to the PC, so you still don’t get that promised video.  But…I need you all to explain something to me.  My search for said “firewire” began online.  I saw that at Wal-mart it was only $7.98!  Woo-hoo!  I thought it was going to be expensive.  What I failed to notice was that although it is offered online, it is not offered in stores.  So I went to the store to get one…and couldn’t find it.  So I went to Office Max.  They had it(same brand, same item), but it was for $29.99!  So I thought I’d try Radio Shack.  They had the same wire, just a different brand and it was $36 and change.

So, I am now back online checking to see if I maybe made a mistake on the Wal-mart price.  Nope. $7.98.

Now on to Office Max’s website. $29.99 in the store, $29.99 online. Whatever…at least they are consistant.

Then RadioShack.com. Remember they had a different brand in store for $36.something. Online they have the Belkin(like the others) for $19.89.

So what I want to know is A) why it’s cheaper to buy it online than in the store(even after you add shipping for Radio Shack), and B) why Wal-mart has the SAME ITEM for almost 75% cheaper.  I know that some of my friends think that Walmart is the worst thing to ever happen to our economy, local businesses, and so-forth…but come on: 75% less.  Am I missing something here?

**Update: I did order it from Wal-mart, but I’m still baffled at why there’s such a price difference…**