Sad News Story

If this news article(from doesn’t bring tears to your eyes, you have a cold, cold heart:

In life, Jayne Campbell Soliman was a champion ice skater. Two days after being declared brain dead, she became something greater.

She became a mother.

Mrs. Soliman suffered a brain hemorrhage but was kept alive by machines before doctors were able to deliver her daughter, Aya Jayne, by Caesarean section, according to The Times of London. Aya is the Muslim word for “miracle.”

“She is so tiny, but she is a little fighter just like her mother,” Mahmoud Soliman, the girl’s father, told The Times.

Mrs. Soliman was only 25 weeks pregnant when she complained of a headache and collapsed in her bedroom on Wednesday. After arriving by air to a hospital in Oxford, England, she was declared brain dead and given large doses of steroids to help her unborn baby’s lungs develop. Doctors then performed the emergency C-section in hopes of giving her child life.

“A midwife picked tiny Aya up and put her little face up to Jayne’s,” family friend Lucine Phillips told The Times. “It was just like welcoming any new baby into the world … but we also had to say goodbye to Jayne.”

Aya was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. Soliman was originally told his daughter would have to be there for two weeks but was then doing so well that she was transferred to a local hospital on Saturday — the day of her mother’s funeral.

Mrs. Soliman, 41, was best known as the British professional free skating champion in 1989. She also appeared in several international competitions in the 1980’s.

When she left competitive skating, Mrs. Soliman went on to teach, including time in Dubai where she met her husband. Aya was their first — and now only — child.

I’d never heard of this woman(I’m not much of an ice-skating fan), but sometimes a story just strikes you and you can’t get it out of your mind.   Just thought I’d share with you all, and ask you guys to pray for this baby and this family.

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