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Confessions, Part Two

Confession: I’m a nerd.

There’s no getting around this one.  I would rather read than run, despite what my previous post may lead you to believe.  I’d prefer to diagram sentences or dissect something rather than go out partying.  I like sudoku so much that I had to throw away all my sudoku books because I would get sucked in and do nothing else.

I love techno-gadgets of all shapes and sizes.
I love love LOVE my Blackberry so much that I managed to somehow pop a key off of it while sliding it and out of its case over and over and over again.
I like to play around with all the settings on my camera just to see what happens.
I also like to take things apart just to see how they work.
I love putting things back together.
I love reading directions and instruction manuals.
I love assembling cheap furniture.  (Call me if you need a desk or bookshelf put together.  I’m pretty efficient awesome when it comes to those.)

I, however, am not a very good nerd because I suck at math.