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Confessions, Part Three

Confession:  I am actually a shy person and I’m scared to death of BlogHer.

In many situations this is true.  You may not believe it.  But I do struggle to “put myself out there” when I’m in an unusual environment.  Meet me on my own turf?  Ms. Confidence.  Somewhere else?  Not so much.

I’m particularly scared about BlogHer.  Soooooo far out of my comfort zone!!!  I feel just like I did those last few weeks of summer right before starting high school.  Knowing that there were bigger, cooler kids.  Wondering if I could hold my own.  And wondering if I was really ready.

I’m just an average mommy-blogger. (I don’t hate that term as much as most.  I’m a mommy and a blogger, so it makes sense to me.)  I started blogging, like a lot of moms, to keep our families updated.  But then I discovered how therapeutic it could be and I fell in love.  And once I got on Twitter…I finallly felt like I had co-workers(the only thing I missed from “real” jobs).

Through my blog and Twitter, I have met so amazing people.  I’m in an online book club, I watch as one of my IRL friend’s family grows & changes even though we don’t live close to each other anymore, and just recently I learned about bird sex. (Heh.)  I want to meet some of my “friends”, and I want them to become friends instead of “friends”.  (I really need to work on my over-use of punctuation!)

I’ve heard that BlogHer is what you make of it.  It can be fun and exciting if you put yourself out there and meet people, or it can be boring and miserable if you aren’t at least a little assertive.  There are other BlogHer newbies I want to meet.  There are BlogHer veterans I want to meet. There are people I’m scared I’m not good enough for.  (I really didn’t want to end that sentence with “for” but if I said “for whom” I’d sound like an ass.)  There are people that I’m sad aren’t going. And since I’m traveling with citystreams I know that I’ll never be completely alone! 🙂

So I’ll try really hard to not be a wallflower, and I’ll be sure to make sure that I have a good time.  Who’s going to be there to help me?  Comment, tweet or email me if you don’t mind holding my hand(or hiding in the closet with me).