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Happiest Birthday To Me!

For starters, thank you all for the birthday comments you left here and on Facebook. I read every single one of them, and I appreciated them all very much!

My birthday weekend was crazy-awesome. Seriously.

On Friday, Marshall took his car in to be serviced and they promptly informed him that it was not even safe to drive the clanky thing home!  But he did, and we did a little research on cars and prices and the Cash for Clunkers campaign, which is a great program if you intend on buying a *NEW* car.

On Saturday I had some girls from church over for a jewelry making class.  One of my childhood friends is a jewelry-maker(and soap-maker and pottery-maker and candle-maker and awesome-maker), and she brought all her goodies for us to make fun and fancy jewelry.  I made a memory wire bracelet and a pendant seen below.  And she made the ring for me.  (Ignore my ugly hands!)


After our jewelry fun, Marshall and I drove around to the several small dealerships in town.  At one place, the lady was obscenely pushy.  She wasn’t a small person and her lipstick was askew, and I’m pretty sure she had on a wig.  A bad one.  Anyway, she asked for our phone number while we were still in the car.  And after Marshall ever-so-tactfully evaded the question, she leaned in close enough to kiss me and tried to get our number again.  “I have personal space issues and you have wonky lipstick.  Please back away.”

After we thought we had looked at most of the available cars in the area, we stopped at one last dealership.  We were helped by a very kind gentleman, and found a car with low miles, all the fun extras(sunroof, leather seats, etc.), and a decent price.  However, upon opening the door, I was overwhelmed by the smell of smoke.  By the time we’d test driven it a few miles, I already had a headache.  Bleh!  So much for that!

So we decided to just go ahead and go to dinner.  I was told that we were going to meet my parents and grandparents at 6.  So we were leaving the dealership at 5:30 when Marshall saw the dad of one of his patients pulling into the dealership.  This guy is the general manager of finance, so we pulled back in.  He had a few other things to show us and we ended up picking and buying this car:

2009 Nissan Murano 3

It’s a 2009 Nissan Murano(which I continue to call a Nissan Milano).  It’s a used car, but it still smells good.  And it turns on with a button.  I made fun of it at first…but IT’S AWESOME!  🙂

We took a little longer than expecting buying a car, so we were late to “dinner”.  “Dinner” was actually a surprise party for me!  20 friendly, smiling faces waiting and waiting and waiting for ME to arrive.  Awesome!  (The only thing missing were my BFFs, but they’re coming tomorrow and we get to do the whole birthday thing AGAIN!!!)

Here are a few pictures from the “Queen B Thir-ty” party!

BdayCollage(Yes, my brother has his eyes crossed.
No, Mama, they won’t get stuck like that.
And yes, the two of us are a lot alike and very different all at the same time.)

Bday cake(Um…I’m not exactly sure what we’re doing in the first one, but it was funny so I thought I’d share.)

On Sunday(my actual birthday), my Sunday School crowd had ANOTHER cake for me.  And I got not one, but two Diet Cokes for my birthday.  (They know me well!)  We went to my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch.  And we had homemade strawberry ice cream that night.  Fantastic.  Completely fantastic!

Thank you ALL for a wonderful birthday!
I have an amazing family and wonderful friends.