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High Hopes for 2010

Twenty-ten.  Really?  Two thousand and ten.  It really doesn’t seem like it’s been ten years since the whole Y2K thing…

Anyway, what better way to start of my blog year than with a disgusting (but funny) kid story.

Lydia had gone to the bathroom, and I heard the usual battle cry: I need help wiiiiiiiiiiping.

As I bent over to help her wipe, I noticed 4 brown spots on the wall.

Disgusted, I asked: Did you get poop on the wall?

Pointing to the biggest spot:  Not that one.  Carter did dat one.

Annoyed, I called Carter into the bathroom, and after some hemming and hawing I found out that all those spots were indeed his.  And they were from several days ago.  Awesome.

Me to Carter: So did you at least wash your hands after you smeared poop all over the wall?

Carter, with his head cocked slightly to the side as if to say, “well, idiot, let me explain”:  Um…no.  Because then I didn’t have any poop left on my fingers.

So my New Years Resolution?  Make sure our walls stay poop-free and all hands get washed no matter how un-dirty they may appear.