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A little behind, as usual.

Ok, so in the last few days I’ve seen list after list after list.  I promised a few weeks ago that I’d do a summary of 2009, which is really more for me than for you anyway.  Because I tend to forget what happened if I don’t go back and review it.

By now most people have sent out their annual “what we did this year” Christmas card or posted a review of 2009 on their blog and have now moved on to “let’s forget 2009; it’s 2010 now”.  But in true Bridget fashion, I’m running just a little bit behind so I’m going to take the cheater’s route.


January 2009:
We adjusted to being a family of 5.

Carter turned 4 years old.

February 2009:
Asa smiled for the very first time.

Lydia asked to do a photo shoot and I got the best pictures evah.

We went to the absolutely most amazing wedding ever
(and they let me take pictures)!

March 2009:
It snowed in Georgia!
(That’s a big deal for us rednecks!)
(And I got to wear my 2002 official USA Olympic beret,
which was ironically made in Canada.)
(Shuddup…you know you’re jealous!)

April 2009:
We all matched for Easter.
I know, I know.
The only excuse I have is that we’re from the South.
And that’s how we roll…

May 2009:
I photographed a beautiful wedding for friends.
(Hi, James & Alaina!  We miss you!)

We went to the beach with Marshall’s family and saw a rehabilitated turtle re-introduced into the sea(and I got lots of pictures of Carter with “lost boy hair“, which I simultaneously love and hate).

And I took my favorite picture ever of Asa.

June 2009:
We bought a new car for Marshall, and Marsh and my mom had a surprise birthday party for me & I got to wear a crown!

July 2009:
I went to BlogHer and fell in love with Chicago.

But I missed my silly peeps at home.

August 2009:
Lydia turned 3.

September 2009:
Carter started all day school and Lydia started 3 day a week preschool.

We went back to the beach with my family.

And I *thought* Asa was going to get some teeth.
(I was wrong.)

October 2009:
I started Project 365.

I went to see some of my besties from growing up.

November 2009:
We went to Disney World!!!

December 2009:
Santa, Caroling, Birthday, Christmas.