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Beautiful Bubbles

Today we had a Bubble Bash of epic proportions.
There were plenty of bubbles for everyone, bubble art and even a mega bubble.

The kids had fun with all, and I loved how the bubble art turned out.
It was super easy and not quite as messy as I’d expected.
I can see us doing this again…maybe with wrapping paper or note cards or photo frame mats.

To do this project, you’ll need several shallow pans or dishes(I used aluminum baking trays), some food coloring, some bubble solution, one straw per child, and pieces of cardstock.

Pour liquid bubble mix into each pan, just barely covering the bottom.
Add a few drops of food coloring to each pan.  Obviously the more drops, the more vibrant the colors will be.
Allow the kids to blow bubbles with the straws and when the bubbles are up to the top of the side, take the paper and gently press it into the bubbles.

As the bubbles pop, they will leave a marbled look on the paper.
And some happy smiling faces.

Try all kinds of patterns and colors…and don’t forget to have fun!


The mega bubble was a big hit with all the kids.  I kind of wish I could have had a turn in the middle of the gigantic bubble.

We’ll be doing this again sometime soon, too.

(photo by PeapodsquadMom)

What you’ll need: about 32 oz. of dish detergent, 6-12 oz. glycerin*, water, 1 wading pool, 1 hula hoop that will fit inside the wading pool.

Squirt all of the detergent and a generous amount of the glycerin in the bottom of the wading pool.  Using a water hose, add enough water to easily cover the hula hoop(or hoop-a-loop**, if you’re Agent Oso).  Swish the mixture around until the detergent and glycerin are evenly distributed in the water.  Try pulling the hula hoop out of the water.  You should be seeing a super-huge mega bubble.  If it pops quickly, try adding more glycerin.  Apparently the harder your water, the more glycerin you will need.

*I had a really hard time finding glycerin.  I finally found 6 oz. at our local pharmacy, but if you can also find it in many online stores including amazon.com. (For your information only…not an affiliate link!)  Our bubbles would have been much better, I think, if we’d had more glycerin.  Although I did some googling and used some light corn syrup as a substitute.  It was not as great, but it did work.

**Who in the world calls it a hoop-a-loop?  Is hula hoop a Southern phrase??