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Sentences on Sunday{18 months}

Dear Asa,

You fell asleep at church today.  (That never happens.)  And not just asleep, but dead-to-the-world-with-floppy-arms-and-snoring kind of asleep.  And as your dad placed you in my arms, I was overwhelmed at the weight of your body.  I may carry you a lot, but you’re usually awake and holding yourself up.  I could feel your deep sleep breaths on my chest and I felt like our hearts were in sync.  I closed my eyes and drew in every bit of your smell and let it flood my senses.  I want to remember this, I thought.  I want to remember this forever.  You are my baby-my sweet, sweet baby.  And no one can deny that you are special to me.  Your smile is perfect, and I love how your big belly laugh is almost a growl.  And I love it.  And I love you.

You’re a whole lot of silly grins and giggles, sprinkled with a dash of seriousness every now and then.
I love your serious look.

You are very inquisitive and curious, much like your big brother.

In the last week, you’ve busted out with a few new words: flower, no, moah(more), mah(mine), mlk(milk), and my personal fave uh-oh.

And you can “sing” the ABC song from start to finish.  Who cares if it’s just a mesh of sounds instead of the right letters?

You really crack me up with the head shaking.  We’ll ask you a yes or no question, but it seems that you just randomly shake your head with no idea which means yes and which means no.

You’re Mr. Tough Guy.  Instead of kisses, you prefer to give head butts.  Which is fine when I’m expecting it and prepared to stop you, but you’ve busted my lip a few times already.

I love the “ooohhh” face you make.  So overly animated that it makes me giggle every time.

Happy 18 months(a few days late), my long-lashed little dude!

I can’t wait to get you by yourself for a photo shoot!  🙂