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Shaped Bokeh

A few days ago, Casey posted this picture and when I asked how she’d done it,
So within maybe 10 minutes, she wrote back that it was really super easy to do…if you have the Bokeh Masters Kit.

But I was so anxious to find out how to do it, that I didn’t even give her a chance to respond before I googled it
And found this DIY tutorial on how to make your own shaped bokeh filter.

Let me say this:  It was really easy to make.
I already had black paper and a few scrapbook punches that I used to cut out my shapes.

But then I wanted a tree shape and a snowflake shape.
I didn’t have punches for those(and I’m not going to buy a punch just for that)…

So I drew out a tree and a snowflake and I cut them out by hand-
Which was kind of time consuming and I really didn’t like the way my snowflake ended up looking.

Also the one that I made is made of paper.
It’s not going to last very long at all.
So I’m probably going to end up buying the $15 Demo Kit
And making a few of my own discs to see if they’ll fit in there.

I can’t wait to try this out as a backdrop for pictures!
(Although with such a wide open app, I probably shouldn’t count on my children to be still enough for that!)