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Random Ramblings of a Postpartum Mom

  • Breastfeeding Attempt Round 4 has been unsuccessful.  I had my good, hard cry about it and we’re now doing all formula.  I am frustrated because I can feel the milk.  I know it’s in there!  But no amount of sucking or pumping or expressing or anything will prod it out.  I knew it was a long shot, but I was really hoping that it’d work this time.  I don’t regret having a breast reduction, but the “broken pipes” are the suckiest part about it(pun not intended, but funny none-the-less).
  • She sleeps!  I know I may regret saying that soon enough.  I will probably look back and wonder why I’m up typing at 2am instead of catching a nap.  But Carter was such a good, sleepy baby that I’m hoping she’ll follow in his footsteps.  (So far, she’s been nothing like Lydia…who screamed from the moment she was born until she was at least 9 months old.)
  • I am grateful that my body is doing its job, but these uterine cramps are for the birds.
  • I know that they aren’t “real” but I love all the little smiles she makes when she’s dreaming.
  • The big kids (including Asa) are really doing well with her.  I think that Carter, with all his bound-less energy, finds her a bit boring.  I think he expected her to do more.  Lydia is a proud big sister, who loves to hold her and help feed her and even change a diaper when we let her.  But the sweetest thing ever is Asa.  He is constantly saying “My tuuunnnnn”(“My turn”) and begging to hold her.  At the doctor’s office today, the nurse went to take her from me and he yelled “MY BABY” at her.  He was not very happy with me for letting some stranger hold his baby.
  • The piles and piles of stuff in my house are driving me crazy.  My house isn’t generally super-clean or even super-organized, but I have a system and it works for me.  Right now the system is way off.  I can’t find anything.  Neither can you walk safely in Asa’s room.
  • Although Alden is a great sleeper, I have found that I’m more exhausted this go ’round.  With all the others, I would sleep and nap and wake up refreshed.  I think I’ve gotten more sleep than ever this time, yet I can’t knock the exhaustion.  I know, I know…I just had a baby and that’s hard work and blah, blah, blah. I also  know that it’s normal for people to sleep 8 hours a night.  But it’s not normal for me and on top of feeling exhausted, I’m feeling a little frustrated because middle-of-the-night quiet time is my time and I’m not getting much of that.
  • I am definitely feeling older.  My body aches more this time.
  • I am completely enjoying Marshall being at home.  He’s such a fantastic dad and husband.  He has 11 days off (which is unheard of for him) and I think all of us are getting spoiled.
  • I am feeling very guilty that Carter and Lydia both have baby books and I haven’t done one for Asa.  I have all of his stuff in a bag, but it’s just sitting there.  I’d really like to get that done.
  • I’ve loved comparing their baby pictures.   Alden looks just like the others did.  (I feel like they all look about the same until they hit about 3 months.)
  • It’s quiet, save Carter’s sleep-talking, and I’m going back to sleep…at least for a little while.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll write up her birth day story.  I promise I won’t post those pictures!  🙂