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Sentences on Sunday{Anna Alden}

A month.  4 weeks.
Gone in a flash.
I am worried that I am going to blink
And you are going to be a teenager.

As time quickly ticks by, you change Рalmost imperceptibly at first.
And I only notice when the change is complete, the milestone is past.
No longer do I find you curled up in the fetal position,
But unfurled and exploring the space around you.
When did you stop sleeping with your hands up by your face?
Or your legs uncrossed?

And I think you’ve finally begun to see us.
You look into my eyes and study my face,
Just as I do to you.
And I can’t stop my heart from bursting when you half-smile up at me.

I am learning your habits.
You are learning mine.
I hope we have a lifetime of this…
Both of us changing, learning, loving.

Many people worry that they could never love another child like they loved their first
(Or their second or the third),
But you are so easy to love,
and oh how you are loved.

And I hope you always know that, feel that, experience that love.