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Almost there…

I found this in my drafts folder.  I don’t even remember writing it, but from the time stamp on it I wrote it in the early hours of January 27th(Alden’s birthday).  I also found one that I tapped out on my phone during labor and had forgotten about.  I’ll post it tomorrow.

Are you nervous?
Aren’t you sad that this is the last one?
Can you believe it’s here already?

I’ve heard these questions a lot lately.
I’ve asked them of myself lately.

No, I’m not nervous.
I’m tired.
Weary is probably a more accurate description.

I know that this is certainly the last one.
I know that I was made for this, created for this.
I know that this child is one we wanted and one we will love.
But I also know that it’s not been an easy pregnancy.
And that my body, though certainly not old, isn’t quite as forgiving as it used to be.
I’m not sure I could do it again.

I have soaked it up.
I have breathed it in.
I have savored it.

And now, the time has come…