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Boob-Free Bonding

Breast may be best,
but not for us.

We tried.
I tried (again).
And it just.didn’t.work.

But giving you a bottle is more than just something to check off my to-do list.
It’s a pleasure.  It’s a joy.  It’s something I love to do.

I love the way you curl all of your little fingers around one of mine.
And you hold on tight, surprisingly strong.

I love the way you search my eyes and I search yours.
The two of us, figuring out who we are…you and me together.

I love the way you snuggle up close and tuck your head close to my heart(literally and figuratively).
And I can feel the rhythm of your heartbeat pulsing between us.

I love the way, once you fall asleep in my arms, your breaths ebb and flow like ocean waves.
And I feel your chest rise and fall against my own.

Breast may be best,
But boob-free bonding can be pretty great, too.