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I’m Sorry. (Only I’m not.)

To the people behind me in school drop-off line:

I am generally very conscientious about making sure I don’t hold up the line.
I make sure my kids are ready to pop out the door when I stop.
I make sure that all that needs to be said is said and all papers, bags and miscellaneous items are in hand.
And if, for some reason, I end up with a kid who doesn’t want to get out, I just pull up and walk them in.
(It’s common courtesy, folks.)

However, there is one thing that I will wait for:
My kids all telling each other “I love you”.

Each morning without fail, Carter calls each of his siblings by name and says “I love you”.
Each morning without fail, the others reply in kind.
And Asa always says, “ah gate daaay”
(which, if you don’t speak 2-year-old, means “Have a Great Day!”)
If the “I love you”s aren’t quite done, I don’t rush him out the door.

And when my child pauses on his way in the door to flash me the “I love you” sign,
I’m not going to drive off until he’s seen me sign back.
(Because I know it won’t always be like this.)

And so, dear people behind me, I’m sorry if I hold up the line.
But really?  I’m not.

*That* mom