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Favorite Phrase Friday

A few of my favorite phrases from some of my favorite posts this week:

Thank you for showing me their fragile, little hearts wrapped up in inner strength and innate knowledge of right and wrong…
(from AnyMommy)


have to believe that there is at least some good in every human being, because otherwise, everyday life becomes paralyzingly scary.
(from Frequent Flyer Family)


…but when we rejoice in death…does life lose a little of it’s sanctity?
(from musings and miscellanies, oh my!)


Sometimes we love safety so much that it stifles us. And when we’re stifled, we don’t grow beyond a certain point, which means we miss out on many of life’s blessings.
(from Sandy Coughlin on Simple Mom)


…In swallowing it straight to my heartand locking it away dewey decimal style to never forget…
(from Arianne @ To Think is To Create)


I may put a linky up next week if any body is interested in joining.
Any takers?