We needed this.

A few weeks ago, I took the kids on a little beach trip by myself.  Marshall couldn’t get off work, but we were all craving a change of scenery…so we packed up and headed out.  I didn’t have internet access, so I wrote.  In a notebook.  With a pencil.  And it was so very nice.  I added a few pictures when I typed it up.

It’s been different without anybody around to help me with the kids.   Different, but not bad.  We’ve made it work.  They have all been helpful in their own way (even if that just means not having a meltdown at the worst possible moment).  We have laughed a lot and had fun.  I haven’t let them have complete control (or else we would have had Cool Ranch Doritos for every meal) but I’ve tried to say “why not?” instead of “no”.  Can we play on the playground even though we just finished playing putt-putt and no one has had a nap and a meltdown will most likely occur?  Suuuure…maybe you’ll nap twice as hard.  Can we just put our feet in the water and then “accidentally” fall in the waves?  It’s just water, right?  Can we drive all the way around the airport even though it’s two and a half hours past our bedtime?  What’s 10 more minutes anyway.

I took all four of the children to the beach. Alone. Something I swore I wouldn’t do but did because I made a promise to them and even though they understand that sometimes plans change, I try not to break my promises. (Which is why I rarely promise that we’ll do anything. I will make strong statements that things are probable, but I rarely promise.) (I watch Grey’s Anatomy enough to know that you should never make promises.)
Three of them had a great time.  One did not.

Don’t tell anybody, but my children are secret agents. I started my training (led by Carter) while we were here. It includes lessons on running fast(which, if you know him, is somewhat of a conundrum), successful light saber awareness, secret arm transmissions (which is apparently similar to Penny’s watch on Inspector Gadget but embedded into your arm), and daydreaming. It’ll take me five weeks to complete said training. I am actually quite intrigued by the daydreaming course.

{Photo removed at the request of the Secret Agent Agency.}
(I’m not even lying.  He said I couldn’t show anyone who wasn’t already an agent!)

We marked a lot of things off of our Summer To Do list. (This is the kind of to do list I actually like). We played mini-golf and flew a kite and went to the beach and had a picnic and spent a lot of time on the playground.

My mom had to give me the horrible news about their little dachshund, Bruce.  He had irreparable damage to his back and could no longer walk.  I hate that I wasnt there.  He was certainly much more than “just a dog”.

(Picture stolen from my friend Amber)

I was pretty bummed out about Bruce when I discovered my absolute favorite stop sign ever.
Makes me say “oh my lord!” (and then laugh so hard it hurts).

Oh! And Alden spoke her first complete sentence.  “Go gawgs,” which for the non-Southern refers to our beloved Georgia Bulldogs.  She’s allowed to say “gawgs” as long as she doesn’t attempt to change it to the other terrible g-word.

This week was so very good.
We needed this.

3 Responses to We needed this.
  1. lettergirl
    June 6, 2012 | 12:11 am

    Love this. And you.

  2. designhermomma
    June 6, 2012 | 11:13 pm

    Dare I go on an adventure with just my kids? Oh my lord, I just might….