Christmas Chaos

People have been hounding me for pictures…and I couldn’t quite decide how to do them all.  We had several different “Christmases” with different parts of our family.  Some were pre-Asa, most were post-Asa.  But I decided it’d be easiest if I lumped all the Christmas pictures together, and then gave Asa some glory of his own.  There are plenty of pictures of him, I assure you!  🙂

So…what we have here: Christmas with my family, Christmas with Marshall’s family, Christmas Eve night, Christmas morning and Christmas Day.  I didn’t get as many pictures as I usually do because I was a little hindered both pre- and post-Asa…but I think there are still enough!  🙂

[slideshow id=936748722513307141&w=426&h=320]

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