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To My Child’s Teacher – Part I

I know for a fact that both of my kids’ teachers read my blog.
And since today is Carter’s first day of Pre-K, I’m going to take advantage of this opportunity to say this:

Dear Ms. K,
My sweet, sweet Carter can sometimes be a little…well, crazy.  I know it.  He knows it.  We’ve been working on it.  And I know that you know this already, but if you really need him to pay attention make him look in your eyes and repeat after you. (Couldn’t you just get lost in those big eyes and those long, long lashes??)

He’s so smart(I know, I know…all kids are smart.  But my kid’s smarter.  Naner-naner. :-P), and sometimes he starts thinking and talking and thinking and talking and thinking and talking until you have no clue what he’s talking about…and then he gets really frustrated.  Be patient with him.  Just back up to the last thought you heard that made sense and start over.

He remembers everything.  And I do mean every.little.thing.  He can recall the most obscure details from months ago.  So if you think you may go outside but it may rain. It’s probably just best to not mention it to him.  He’ll drive you bonkers with question after question after question and incessant rambling: Is it raining?  Is it going to rain?  Rain comes from condensation.  Did you know that?  My dad told me about condensation.  It’s when water dries up and floats up to the clouds.  Clouds make shapes sometimes.  Have you ever seen shape clouds?  I fink my favorite shape is a pentagon because it has five sides and I’m almost five.  Did you know I was almost five?

But as glad as I am that he’s going to pre-K this year, I’m going to miss the sound of his voice all day.  I’ll miss the questions he comes up with.  I’ll miss eating lunch with him.  I’ll miss watching his little brother and sister look up to him like he’s Superman.  So be careful with my little man.  Keep him safe.  Hug him a lot.  And make sure he wipes his nose in a tissue and not on his sleeve.