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What’s in a name?

So we’re having a girl.
Girl names are supposed to be easy.
But for me the boy names always flowed, coming almost effortlessly.
(Although I’m pretty sure that Jesse disagrees with me on that!)

With girls it’s a whole new ballgame.
You want a name that’s strong, yet light.
A name that can sound official enough to be president,
But gentle enough that it fits if she decides to open a bakery.
You want it to sound tough enough to shout at softball games and sound fierce,
But feminine enough that it will fit if she’s a bread-making-baby-wearing mama one day.

You want it to roll easily off the tongue,
And fit well with the other names.
Carter, Lydia, Asa and…

Yet the name I keep coming back to is different from all my other kids.
It’s been in my mind for such a long time, but never shared with anyone but Marshall.
It’s a double name…and I’m not generally a fan of double names.
But it haunts me, whispers in my ear.
Put together it means “Gracious Old Friend”.
What a wonderful, beautiful meaning.

I’ve never, ever heard of anyone with this name.
I even googled it to no avail.

I think it’s perfect,
But I doubt myself.

It’s different.
It’s unique.
(But not weird.)

If she decided to use just one of the names,
She could pick either the traditional one
Or the more unorthodox one.

But…what if…
What if she hates it?
What if she hates being different?
What if she just wants to be like the other girls with names like Maddie and Addie and Ellie.
(For the record, I like those names just fine!)

Naming a baby is hard work!
And it stresses me out.
I need a nap.