Daily Archives: 10:49 am

Right this moment

I sit in my chair, content and comfortable and watch the wind dance with the trees.
I can hear the rain slapping onto the ground, but I can’t see it.
The fan is on, although it’s cool enough now that we don’t need it.
Every now and then, the wind chimes burst into song.
But it doesn’t last long.

It is quiet, save the wind.

A car sloshes by.
One lone bird tweets rhythmically.
The steady drip of water hitting the drain spout.
Right this moment, it all sounds so loud, so obvious.
But when the children are here and we are busy,
It will all become white noise.

So now, while the chance is here, I am listening.
I let the static guide and with eyes closed, I hear my own breath.
The steady in and out becomes another instrument in the static symphony.
Oh, it’s a beautiful sound.