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Finding My Footing in the Fall

My camera sits in the corner, casually waiting for me to pick it up.
But when I do the pictures I take feel generic and uninspired.
(Although that’s no surprise to me because lately I feel generic and uninspired.)

Things that normally roll off my back, leave me in a tizzy.
Little things annoy me and I snap at the children for being children.
I find myself just sitting and staring.  At nothing.

This is not me.
I am not this.

“It’s too early for this”, I tell myself.
I don’t usually bump into The Blah until winter.
Fall is supposed to be my season.
I’m supposed to hit my stride in fall.
As the oppressive heat fades, I begin to perk up.
As the summer slump slips away, I come to life.

This is what I do.
What I always do.
So what’s wrong with me?

The weather is gorgeous.
The smells are perfect.
The sights are glorious.
And yet…
I only seem to stumble along,
Making do and trying not to slip.

But today?  Today I’m fighting back.
Today I’m claiming that Fall is Mine.
And I will celebrate it.
And I will take it all in.
And I will pick up my camera and find my footing again.

Fall is here.
This is my time.
Not only the leaves are changing.

Just Write

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