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Trick or Treat

My three little pirates, ready to set sail on an adventure.
One house, two house, three house, four.
Five house, six house, seven house, more.

With little glow stick necklaces swishing back and forth,
They run hard toward the door,
Slowing only when they are alllllllmost there.
And they both turn to see if he’s behind them.
They get candy and make sure he has some, too.

As they turn and begin to rush back to me,
The littlest pauses to say ‘Fanks!’
And my mama-pride glows.

They repeat to me the ‘rules’ of trick or treating.
“We must always let an adult check our candy to make sure we can have it.”
They repeat what they’ve been told at school.
“It would be a tragedy if we ate something we were allergic to and died.”
“Ummmmm….yes, it would.”
I am surprised, although I shouldn’t be.

Buckets of candy poured out on the floor.
“One piece each” I say.
“Okay…one more.  But that’s really it.”
Even in these little things, I second guess myself.
Should I have stuck with just one piece?
Am I not being consistent enough?
Will not sticking to my guns come back to haunt me?
Am I tricking myself?  Treating them with too much?

But it’s just a piece of candy.
One more piece of candy won’t hurt. 
It’s a piece of candy, Bridget.
You don’t have to over-analyze every.little.thing! 

Bath and bed.
Prayers and snuggles.

“Mama, this was the best night ever.”
Yes, baby…yes, it was.

I love Just Write.
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Warm Fuzzies and Gators

Three weekends in a row have been just fan-stinkin’-fabulous!
Can you believe it?

Friday I had a chance to work on a little project with my dad.
And the kids and I went to visit Marshall’s parents.

Saturday I had the chance to do a family photos for dear friends of mine.
(We all went to college together.  They also have 4 kids who are about the same ages as our kids.)
The kids got to play on their favorite playground with the big silver slide.

And I had the chance to eat at my favorite restaurant!
(Who wants to open one locally?  I have the franchise information!)

We got home just in time to see the Georgia game and visit with friends.
And WE WON against Florida!!!!

Sunday was just perfectly lazy-daisy.
Sunday School and church.
Lunch with family and friends.
And the Harvest Festival where my kids donned home-made costumes.
Meet Jake, Izzy and Cubby.

You know, after several weeks of the blahs bringing me down…
I’ve finally found my footing.
My camera clicks happily.
My heart sings and so do I.
I make silly jokes with the kids.
And laugh at their jokes (even when they don’t make sense).
We play outside until the sun starts to set.
And we just enjoy being together.

I am happy.
I am full of warm fuzzies.
And I am so, so in love the right here, right now.