I want to ride my bicycle…

Carter has had a bike for 2 years.  Twice I’ve tried to take the training wheels off and it just wasn’t working.
On a whim this past Friday, I decided it was time to try again.
For what seemed like hours we worked and worked and worked.

And then *click* the light bulb came on.

Once he got peddling down pat, he decided to try to turn and come back up the driveway.
That first go (or second or third or fourth go, actually) didn’t end so well.
So Lydia and I took chalk and drew a ‘road’ for him to drive on.

(Ya might want to turn your sound down a bit.  Apparently I’m loud.)


3 Responses to I want to ride my bicycle…
  1. Angela
    January 9, 2012 | 12:46 pm

    I laughed so hard! Did I see/hear Ana Alden squeal and put her hands up as Carter rode by? Drawing of the road seemed to work! Good going Carter! (especiall missing Ana Alden!)