A Break Full of Blessings

The big kids are headed back to school this morning.
The littles and I have errands to run.
And, for maybe the first time, I’m not really ready.
We’ve had so much fun this holiday break.

We drove to see friends and Christmas lights.
We went caroling and at real Italian food and went to BabyLand General.
We made cookies and a family handprint Christmas tree.
We watched Tello bounce all around our house.
We celebrated a birthday and news of a new baby in our family of friends.
We made gifts and bought gifts and wrapped gifts and gave gifts.
We sang Silent Night and read the Christmas story.
We heard the bells ring on Christmas Day.
We had Christmas and Christmas again and Christmas yet again…each time with different groups of family.
And one night we even learned a little about Hanukkah.
We’ve had short sleeve weather and bundle up weather. (Sometimes all in the same day.)
We rode on roller coasters and riding toys and we went skating in the living room.
We made snowflakes and read books.
We’ve watched How The Universe Works.
And played Angry Birds way too much.
We’ve played board games and Wii games,
With teeny tiny dolls and teeny tiny dishes,
And with lots and lots of trains.
Made art projects and more art projects,
And a science experiment or two.
We built a fire and made s’mores.
And looked at (real) stars and gazed at the (plastic) moon.
And we played and played and played
And played some more.
And it.was.perfect.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to get back to early mornings and packing lunches and homework.


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