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He was sitting with a family friend in big church when he spied a Ring Pop in her bag.
Head tilted up, eyes on hers…he whispered:  “Ms. Tara, can I have that Ring Pop?”
“After church is over,” she promised.

We sing our songs, read our readings, pray.
And the ushers begin to take up offering.

I hear my name and turn to see his big, pleading eyes.
“Do you have my offering?”
Oh, no…I forgot.
Shaking my head, I see him look at her.
She digs in her bag, searching for a coin – maybe two.
But not even a stray penny…

And so she hands him the Ring Pop and says,
“Do you want to give this?
Offering is a sacrifice, giving up something you really want.
And you really want this, don’t you?”

And he nods and carefully places it in the plate before him.

“Thank you” I mouth to her.
And as I turn back around, my eyes welled up.
What a beautiful lesson – from him and from her.

(I am so grateful for a wonderful church family. )






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