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He was sitting with a family friend in big church when he spied a Ring Pop in her bag.
Head tilted up, eyes on hers…he whispered:  “Ms. Tara, can I have that Ring Pop?”
“After church is over,” she promised.

We sing our songs, read our readings, pray.
And the ushers begin to take up offering.

I hear my name and turn to see his big, pleading eyes.
“Do you have my offering?”
Oh, no…I forgot.
Shaking my head, I see him look at her.
She digs in her bag, searching for a coin – maybe two.
But not even a stray penny…

And so she hands him the Ring Pop and says,
“Do you want to give this?
Offering is a sacrifice, giving up something you really want.
And you really want this, don’t you?”

And he nods and carefully places it in the plate before him.

“Thank you” I mouth to her.
And as I turn back around, my eyes welled up.
What a beautiful lesson – from him and from her.

(I am so grateful for a wonderful church family. )






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Weekend Wonders

The winter days have been shorter, but our days seem to be fuller.
More laughter, more smiles.  More doing and being.
Just more everything.  (In a good way.)

This weekend was no different.
Anna Alden started walking.  (Baby steps, but steps none-the-less.)
Carter learned to ride his bike.  (Finally!)
And Asa asked for big boy underwear and kept them dry for one whole afternoon!

There have been times (and I’m sure those times will find me again someday) when I’ve lamented the passing of milestones.
But seeing Alden’s excitement when she actually put one foot in front of the other?
It’s hard to be sad when you’re looking at that.

And the pure joy in Carter’s voice when he finally conquered the big, bad bike?  Heart-warming to the core.

Asa’s proud smile when I ask if he’s still dry?  Absolutely, perfectly wonderful.

Sure, there are days when I long to hold a sweet, tiny little baby.
But I don’t miss those no-sleep newborn days.
I don’t miss frequent feeds and spit up.

Besides, my little people are becoming fairly fantastic big people.
And I really, really enjoy being with them.
I love our talks and walks and adventures.

I miss the little giggly babies they were.
But I celebrate the loving, caring, giving children they are.
And I can’t wait to journey with them and watch them grow into who they will be.


I want to ride my bicycle…

Carter has had a bike for 2 years.  Twice I’ve tried to take the training wheels off and it just wasn’t working.
On a whim this past Friday, I decided it was time to try again.
For what seemed like hours we worked and worked and worked.

And then *click* the light bulb came on.

Once he got peddling down pat, he decided to try to turn and come back up the driveway.
That first go (or second or third or fourth go, actually) didn’t end so well.
So Lydia and I took chalk and drew a ‘road’ for him to drive on.

(Ya might want to turn your sound down a bit.  Apparently I’m loud.)


A Break Full of Blessings

The big kids are headed back to school this morning.
The littles and I have errands to run.
And, for maybe the first time, I’m not really ready.
We’ve had so much fun this holiday break.

We drove to see friends and Christmas lights.
We went caroling and at real Italian food and went to BabyLand General.
We made cookies and a family handprint Christmas tree.
We watched Tello bounce all around our house.
We celebrated a birthday and news of a new baby in our family of friends.
We made gifts and bought gifts and wrapped gifts and gave gifts.
We sang Silent Night and read the Christmas story.
We heard the bells ring on Christmas Day.
We had Christmas and Christmas again and Christmas yet again…each time with different groups of family.
And one night we even learned a little about Hanukkah.
We’ve had short sleeve weather and bundle up weather. (Sometimes all in the same day.)
We rode on roller coasters and riding toys and we went skating in the living room.
We made snowflakes and read books.
We’ve watched How The Universe Works.
And played Angry Birds way too much.
We’ve played board games and Wii games,
With teeny tiny dolls and teeny tiny dishes,
And with lots and lots of trains.
Made art projects and more art projects,
And a science experiment or two.
We built a fire and made s’mores.
And looked at (real) stars and gazed at the (plastic) moon.
And we played and played and played
And played some more.
And it.was.perfect.

I’m just not sure I’m ready to get back to early mornings and packing lunches and homework.


Time Passes By and Days Go Away*

We waited and we welcomed.

I told her story.  And I told mine.

We laughed.  And we cried.
(Sometimes all at once.)

We closed our eyes, breathed deep, and remembered.

We said things we’d been thinking and did things we didn’t think we’d do.

We celebrated todayyesterdaydreamed of tomorrow;

and found grace in small things.


We listened and we learned.

We simply lived.

 *Post title by Carter.